Room of Mirrors

via Daily Prompt: Captivating

The epitome of a mixture of kindness and rage. Its reddish cheeks devouring mangoes, plums, rambutans, pausing for a few seconds to breathe. It dives again this time more ferociously as if panoplies of edible, ripe fruits weren’t obtainable.

Again and again, its eyes widening at the approach of another being afraid of it gesturing to stop, to proceed to another unknown setting.  How captivating this all was! It on drapes of mauve silk, in the middle of a brightly lighted room enclosed in yet another distinct optical illusion delusion.

Its teeth now stained with succulent fruit juice, it looks up studying the room, then looks down at the mess. Turns around, licks it appendage, caresses its head, stares at the room made infinite by countless suspended mirrors, sighs, tumbles and lays there sleepy, guardian of the meal easy to access.

© 3to9Fingertips

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