via Daily Prompt: Candid

From the latin word candidus or ‘white’. In the mid 17th century the common understanding of this word was of someone being innocent, pure, free from malice, unbiased. In the subsequent years it was used to describe a ‘frank’ person. Nowadays it just means to be straightforward, truthful. Exists such a person? Have our modern world instilled in us so many rules and regulations in lieu of being truly candid? Are we now afraid to hurt the other person’s feelings or we lack faith in ourselves and our hard learned experiences? Is it better to let the other person learn by trial-and-error? Are we being honest with ourselves?

The other side of the coin is…not everyone enjoys the company of someone who is candid. To some, the thin line between having a candid friend and a ‘Debbie Downer’ frennemie doesn’t really exist. Do we owe it to ourselves to always be truthful-do we owe it to the person? There’s such a thing called l’imbécil heureux (french for the happy idiot). Your counterpart might not realize what he/she is getting into or simply it won’t affect him/her in any way possible…or they just don’t care. Thus the restrain from being proactively truthful/frank/straightforward.

One of our main goal in life is to be truthful to ourselves…then when approached, if asked for our opinion, we could ponder the option of being straightforward and truthful to friends, acquaintances. (Family was left out because, let’s be frank, sometimes that’s what love is all about). If being candid is your hallmark and your surrounding appreciates you as you are, then so be it! Give your candid opinion! Follow the Leibnizian mantra!  But just in case it backfires, do as Candide said: “cultivate (y)our garden”.

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